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Posted in Poetry on March 19, 2009 by apricotdreams

Jane Eyre



Posted in Poetry on January 26, 2009 by missvioletedwards
I am lost.I am lost I am lost I am lost.

I am trapped.

I am falling and frozen.

Frozen and falling.

I am calling.

When love is a rope which binds you.

When love is the gilded cage.

When freedom is fear.

But fear, fear

Is not freedom.

Then how do you escape?


Bordered In Black

Posted in Poetry on January 4, 2009 by missvioletedwards

I Crave Shadow.
Bring me darkness and
I will repay you a thousand times
with stolen kisses.
Bring me darkness and I will
Betray you a thousand times
with stolen glances
Lost looks
Imploring him (you)
To leave (don’t leave)
With me.
Outside. The brink
Of disaster.
Let me fall.
(Don’t let me fall)
I know I don’t know what I want.
I know (I don’t know) what I want.
I know (I don’t know what) I want.
I Wear Shadow.
It clings to me like a cobweb.
It shrouds me in its cool embrace.
It chokes me.
I am just beyond your vision.
Bordered in Black.
Words edged in g(u)ilt.
I am confined to the space you let me occupy
In the absence of light
Or anything (one) else.
I Am Shadow.
Sooner or later I will shrink and fade.
Outshone. Outdazzled. Out(un)Done.
Pushed further aside
By glittering teeth
And sharp tearful eyes.
She will devour you.
And I will be reduced to almost nothing
Clutching corners of your room your heart your mind.
Holding my breath till you turn out the light.
In the dark, something g(listens).
I can(‘t) wait.